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ENVY Calcium Nitrate (15.5-0-0) Greenhouse Grade Water-Soluble Plant Food

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Grow green with ENVY - using ENVY Plant Foods' 1.5 and 3.0 LB Calcium Nitrate blend (Part II of Envy's Hydroponic Blend.) This hydroponic additive and standalone calcium & nitrate-nitrogen source provides the ideal secondary macronutrient portfolio for your general gardening and hydroponic growing needs. When used in tandem with Hydro Special Part I, your hydroponically grown crops will yield substantial, healthy blossoms that provide both quality and bulk. 

When used as a standalone product, Envy's Calcium Nitrate blend provides additional calcium and nitrate nitrogen, which can either bolster nutrient profiles where needed or replace minerals stripped from water in reverse osmosis applications. Along with supplementing nitrogen and calcium, Envy's Calcium Nitrate is famous for preventing blossom end rot in tomato plants with its greenhouse grade calcium nitrate additive.

Hydroponic Blend Usage Instructions: Dissolve Part I & Part II separately before mixing together. Ensure both parts have dissolved completely before mixing to avoid precipitate formation. 

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Envy Nutrient's All-Purpose Blend contains the following ingredients:

Guaranteed Analysis:


Total Nitrogen (N) 15.5%
Ammonical Nitrogen 1.0%   
Nitrate Nitrogen 14.5%   
Calcium (Ca) 19.0%