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The ENVY® Plant Foods Story

At ENVY, we love optimization. It gets us up in the morning, and it keeps us awake at night - and has done since 1962 when ENVY was founded as a brand of National Liquid Fertilizer. All of our products are blended on-site in the USA - ensuring product quality standardization and cost savings that get passed directly on to you and your plants.

What does this mean for me?

Buying ENVY from your local trusted retailer, or directly, means you are one-step closer to the source. As such, your plants get to enjoy premium quality nutrients and sophisticated blends optimized by decades of research, without paying the middle man.

How good are your products, really?

Our super-concentrates ensure a little product goes a very long way. Decades of experience with agricultural nutrients ensures unrivaled quality control and complete nutritional consistency. We are confident that all ENVY products stand tall against even the most expensive product lines out there. While we like to think this is in solidarity with our customers' crops; it more than likely is a direct consequence of ENVY's outstanding quality control, premium blends, and quality nutrient sourcing.

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